Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Global Warming, The Biggest Bullshit Political Distraction Tool

Global Warming is a touchy subject to many people, environmental supporters all over the world tout it as the coming destruction of the human race, but should we be worried, and is it caused by us?

The first thing I must state is that throughout history the major temperature changes have been caused by the suns orbit, and the wobble on the earths axis, evidence Here.

The second thing is that any major volcanic eruption puts into our atmosphere anything between 4 and 10 times the amount we could produce in a year, not tomention the smaller volcanic erruptions, of which I can find no substantial evidence regarding the pollutants expelled.

First things first, an indepth look at the earths orbital differences. 11000 years ago for instance the earths axis was positioned in such a way that the end of June was mid winter, 1000 years ago December was Mid Winter, that means that in approximately 10000 years time Winter will be yet again in June, not many people realise this, but then again how many parts of the country already suffer the harshest winter months in January or Febuary, rather than the traditional December?

I think this is a geat example to show that even a slight tilt in the earths angle, not even its position in relation to the sun, can have a dramatic effect on the earth. These variations in teh arths axis, spin and eliptical orbit must all be taken into consideration to any research data on the earths temprature, currently they are not.

Another Major Factor is misrepresentaton of data, Here is agreat site pointing out false data provided to support, here I will Highlight a few of the major, less technical points for you.

This image clearly shows temprature variations over the last 3000 years. This not only shows how our temprature has been below average for a long time but also the temparture changes can be completely erratic with no human intervention whatsoever.

I particularly like the quote

"The overall rise of about plus 0.5 ÂșC during the 20th century is often cited in support of ''global warming'' (38). Since, however, 82% of the CO2 rise during the 20th century occurred after the rise in temperature (see figures 1 and 12), the CO2 increase cannot have caused the temperature increase. The 19th century rise was only 13 ppm (2). "

Which refutes much data about global warming, there is also a more complete version of the graph which sparked off much of the panic about global warming. The highlighted area is the data most used by people propogating the global warming theory.

Of Course, CO2 levels have risen, this worrying graph shows how much since 1940 the CO2 Level has increased

THe first thing this graph shouts at you is 1900-1940 had 18% of the CO2 increase compared to 1940 - 2000 which had 82%. First things first, the date range in the large increase is 20 years greater. Of course there is still more CO2 released, big cheer, the industrial revolution. the great thing is this has made no difference whatsoever to the temprature cycles caused by the earths rotation.
The next point to consider is the increase from 315 to 360 on the graph, this looks worrying till you remember it is after all parts per million. The graph is however accurate and concurs with several others from different locations. the suspicious looking periodic higs and lows are caused by seasonal plants intake of CO2.
Between 1940 an 2000, the industrial age, humans output of CO2 rose by 3 Gigatons. That puts total output by human beings at 5.5 Gt of Carbon a year. Putting this in perspective the atmosphere contanis approximately 750 Gt and natural Gt C per year from the natural world is as follows
1000 Gt C - Surface Ocean
2,200 Gt C - Vegitation Soils & Detritus
38000 Gt C - Intermediate and Deep oceans.
The actual amount transfered each year is as follows
90 Gt C - Surface ocean to Atmosphere
60 Gt C - Vegitation and Atmosphere
50 Gt C - Marine Biota and Surface Ocean
100 Gt C - Surface Oceans and Intermediate and Deep Oceans.
So in total 150 Gt C is transferred to the atmosphere by the natural means every year, as opposed to the 5.5 Gt C by people. Of course the 5.5 Gt C is rising, but it is expected to level off, as most carbon producing industries have stabalised over the last 5 years, and the graph ends at the year 2000.
So all in all we contribute under 3% of the CO2 to the world, should we be that worried?